Noraa Body Love recognized by NATIONAL supplier

Danielle, owner of Noraa Body Love

Your favorite and trusted handmade soap maker was named February's Maker of the Month by a NATIONAL supplier for soap and candle makers, Nature's Garden!!

Some of my favorite scents have come from them and they are some of YOUR favorites, too, like Sweet & Sassy Citrus, Snowman's Balls, LiquidAlien Princess (coming back this spring!), and Tobacco & Cashmere to name a few. Shop the collection HERE.

To say that I was shocked to find out that one of my favorite suppliers wanted to feature ME this month is an understatement! The blessings keep coming. Thanks to Nature's Garden and all of YOU for continuing to support me and my dream to own a business!

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From our interview:

About Norra Body Love
Noraa Body Love has simply decadent handcrafted soaps and body care items your BODY will LOVE! We turn everyday ingredients into luxurious feeling skincare that replenishes your skin to its natural radiance without the high price tag. Our products are created with sensitive, problem skin in mind, but are perfect for all skin types. 
What made you want to be a maker?
I’ve suffered from really bad acne since puberty and my bad skin and the scars left behind really affected my self-confidence. I was tired of struggling, and nothing seemed to help until I switched to handmade skincare. I know there are other amazing skincare makers out there, but I wanted to do this on my own, for myself, and for others like me. 
What is the first project you ever made?
My first project was supposed to be a purple cold process soap with lavender essential oil and it was a complete fail! It was mushy and gray and smelled… not like lavender EO! I made test batches before that were uncolored and unscented but the colorant and EO weren’t from a trusted supplier and I learned the hard way.
Where do you get inspiration for your projects?
I get inspiration from my followers and other soap makers. I often ask my followers what scents or products they’d like to have and then try to deliver. I’m also in a great community of makers where we can bounce ideas off each other and challenge each other to try different things, and they have been a great support, too.
The name “Noraa” is a dedication to my father-figure, Aaron, who passed away in 2020. Everything I create has his name on it. It truly humbles me that something I started as a dedication to him and made with my own hands has helped not only myself but so many others. I still get butterflies when I get a positive review or someone texts me out of the blue thanking me for giving their sensitive, itchy skin some relief. It shows me that I’ve chosen the right path.


About Nature's Garden

Nature's Garden is the largest distributor of unique, 100% concentrated fragrance oils in the country and they partner with homemade candle and soap-makers by being their one-stop-shop for project ingredients, equipment and packaging.